MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder Review

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

MusclePharm’s Combat Protein Powder is geared toward serious athletes that are looking to supplement with protein to build mass and recover from workouts.

This product is “banned substance tested” by Informed Choice, so athletes can rest easy taking it as part of their supplement routine.

Combat Protein Powder has won awards for its taste and quality. It is a gluten-free supplement that goes great in smoothies and shakes.

Quick Facts

  • Unique whey blend with 25g of protein from 5 sources
  • Includes BCAAs and glutamine
  • Banned substance tested, an ideal choice for athletes
  • Contains artificial flavors and sucralose

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Nutrition Breakdown

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder Nutrition Facts

Each serving of MusclePharm’s Combat Protein Powder is packed with 25g of protein from 5 unique sources. It also contains calcium, and each two scoop serving only has 2g of sugar.

This is an isolate whey protein powder that includes both fast and slow digesting proteins to meet athletes’ recovery needs.

One great addition to this product is the presence of BCAAs and glutamine. MusclePharm added these ingredients to help build, repair, and protect muscles.

Hear Our Expert's Take

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder contains 25 grams of protein per scoop. This protein powder is made with whey protein isolate, concentrate, casein, and an egg blend. The amount of protein is comparable to other protein supplements, however this contains protein from five different sources which is unique.

This protein blend contains all of the essential amino acids, as well as the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). It also contains 2 grams of sugar. Typically, whey protein is more easily absorbed by the body, and a blend of whey isolate and concentrate is cost-effective. It is a gluten-free product, but it does contain milk, egg, and soy ingredients. Customers with allergy concerns should consider another product.

MusclePharm’s protein powder also contains natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. These are unneeded ingredients that compromise the quality of the product. A positive is that this protein powder does not contain any gums or fillers. It is also Informed Choice certified, which will put athletes’ minds at ease.

Overall, while it is positive that there are multiple protein sources, unnecessary filler ingredients diminish the quality of the product overall. As a Registered Dietitian, I would recommend a different animal-based protein powder.

Aprylle Deasey
Aprylle Deasey

Registered Dietitian

Expert's Rating: 3 / 5

The Final Word

A favorite of top athletes like the UFC’s TJ Dillashaw and Everest mountaineer Garrett Madison, MusclePharm’s Combat Protein Powder is a great choice if you’re looking for a battle-tested whey protein.

MusclePharm designed their protein powder with athletes’ unique needs in mind, smartly using protein from several sources that digest at varying rates. This helps fuel your muscles during long training sessions, so your last set can be your best set.

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Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein is a vital macronutrient that helps promote muscle growth when paired with strength training. Protein powders are one of the most popular supplements, especially for active people who want to perform at their best and recover quickly.

Studies have shown that benefits of consuming protein powder may include:

While whey protein is the most popular type of protein powder, there are now many other types of proteins on the market (including vegan protein powders made from peas, hemp, and other plant-based protein sources.

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